What is Pixel Mixers ?


Pixel Mixers is an evergrowing community of amateur musicians, regrouping people from Gametabs.net and VGCover’s sub-Reddit, mainly.

Our members come from all around the world, and are united by their love of Video Game Music.

We run various events all year long, such as contests, or group discussion defining the future of Pixel Mixers and our albums making plans.

Speaking of that, we already have released (for free) multiple cover albums over the past 2 years, and we’re always looking forward to release even more !

Here’s a few examples of what we released so far :

The Great Tale of the Little Ones (Indie Games)
Final Fantasy VIII – Seas of Time (Complete OST)
Songs From a Nightmare (Halloween 2015 special album)

So if you feel like you could be part of our community, feel free to join us !
We’ll be happy to count you as one of our brothers and sisters in crime !

See ya !

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