Crash Bandicoot – The N.Sane Jam [EP]

I have the pleasure to introduce you to our 3rd EP (mini-album): The N.Sane Jam!
This EP is a tribute to the musics from the original trilogy of the Crash Bandicoot games and also Crash Team Racing.

All of those games’ OST were composed by Josh Mancell who also composed the PS2 classic games: Jack & Daxter =)

You can download our album for free by clicking on this picture =>

The N. Sane Jam [Cointzz]
Or directly with this link:

This EP feature 11 tracks, 1 from CB1, 4 from CB2, 4 from CB3 and 2 from CTR.
The Album is almost 40 minutes and has a nice variety of music styles going from EDM to metal including surf rock or ethnic music.

The Crash Bandicoot Series is maybe the number one platformer series from the Playstation 1 era. The 1st game was released in 1996 by Naughty Dog.
The original trilogy was recently put on the spotlights thanks to the PS4 remake of the games called “The N. Sane Trilogy”.

The artwork was made by Cointzz

Full Album:


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Finally here is a poll to pick your 2 or 3 favourite tracks form this EP 😀
Hope you’ll like our work on Final Fantasy II OST!


August’s Most Upvoted Covers

Here are the top 5 most upvoted on our VGCover /Reddit during August 2017.

  • 1st) Toxodentrail with Song of Healing & Lost Woods from TLoZ: Majora’s Mask


  • 2nd) Eric L. with Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger


  • 3rd) Mklachu with Western Land from Mario Party 2


  • 4th) PeyCa (ft. Ian Martyn, Kirian & Psamathes) with Moonstruck Blossom from Kirby Triple Delux


  • 5th) VGMusic Explorers with Cornelia Castle from Final Fantasy I

Pixel Mixers August Cover Contest Results

A small but high in quality contest for sure!
We got some new people like Medllix or JohnStacy who both delivered great music!

The theme of this contest was “Ending and Credit Theme“.
For once the audio and video ranking results are significantly different.

With the current top 3 of both audio and video championship not participating, it allows some of the underdogs to catch up and get closer to the final podium!

September theme is “Mini-Games“, you can participate here:

And now the results to August!

  • AUDIO 1st place : Team Frisen
  • AUDIO 2nd place : Medllix
  • AUDIO 3rd place : Orchestral Fantasy
  • VIDEO 1st place : JohnStacy
  • VIDEO 2nd place : Tyler Jenkins
  • VIDEO 3rd place : Styrofoam Shotgun

Pixel Mixers 2017 Cover Championship:
Thanks a lot and congratulations to all the participants, and see you next month!