The Capcom Selection [Compilation Album]

For the very first time, Pixel Mixers are releasing a compilation album of their past works.
This is the first of many compilations to come. The goal being to share on official platforms a lot of the tracks we used to do before going “official”, on major platforms.

For this first compilation, we selected tracks from the following albums, all focusing on Capcom Games:
Ace Attorney Series (The Court Sessions)
Mega Man X Series (Mavericks of Destruction)
Okami & Okamiden (Sounds of Sunrise)

This compilation features 35 songs from those 3 album is now available on all major streaming platforms:

Directly listen to it on Spotify:


Okami & Okamiden: Sounds of Sunrise [Tribute Album]

We’re pleased to present our second album of 2021, “Sounds of Sunrise”, a tribute to Ōkami and its spiritual successor, Ōkamiden! Featuring over an hour and a half of music across 25 tracks, you’ll be taken back to Nippon through a variety of different musical genres – from epic orchestral imaginations, metal, piano arrangements and more!

You can download the album for FREE by clicking on this picture

Or directly by clicking this link:[Okami+&+Okamiden].zip/file

The album is also available to listen on YouTube!

Have any favorite tracks? Let us know in our poll!

– Project Director: Hashel…
Artwork: 2 Players for Life…
– Album Mastering: HeavyMetalMixer
– Special Thanks to Danilo Ciaffi, Tremendouz & LucasTheBeard

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“Heroes” A Charity Tribute Album for Child’s Play (ft. GameGrooves)

We are really proud to present you our very first licensed album!
This album was co-organized with GameGrooves and is to the full benefit of the Child’s Play organization!

You can listen to it on Spotify, Deezer or you can get it on iTunes, Amazon etc simply by clicking on this picture:


Or with this link:

Child’s Play‘s goal is to improve the lives of children through the power of play and support Children’s Hospitals, Clinics & Domestic Violence Shelters.

This album called “Heroes” is a compilation of 15 famous themes from a collection of children friendly games released during the last 4 decades.
Including: Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic and more recent ones such as Undertale or Celeste.

And you can directly watch it on Youtube:

Thanks a lot to everyone who made this possible!

– Album Organizers: Allen Brasch, Hashel
– Mastering: James C. Hoffman
– Artwork: 2 Players for Life
– Videos and Teasers: Chromatic Apparatus

What are your favourite tracks on this album?
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June’s Top 5 Up-Voted Covers

Here are the top 5 most upvoted covers on our VGCover /subreddit during June 2018.
We’re still trying to push for new artists to appear on these lists so please try to remember to upvote the covers that you’ve enjoyed on the subreddit.


  • 1st) Eldon Reeves – Trailer Theme from Fire Emblem Three Houses


  • 2nd) Gunderslam/Tremendouz – Ryoshima Coast from Okami


  • 3rd) Ro Panuganti – Main Theme from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


  • 4th) Danilo Ciaffi(feat. Pixel Mixers Members) – Ballad of the Windfish from Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Danilo’s cover is also from our Legend of Zelda Tribute Album: Hylian Downfall

  • 5th) PeyCa Ft. Kiaran, ChrisMan, and xMEIYIN- Schala’s Theme from Chrono Trigger

Thank you for voting this month and please remember top upvote newer covers on the subreddit so we can hopefully see you in the top 5 for July!