Final Fantasy VII Remake – Beneath a Stolen Sky [Tribute Album]

After a very long break, mostly due to 2020 being a big mess, we are finally back with a new album. “Beneath a Stolen Sky” is a tribute to Midgar Area tracks from Final Fantasy VII, to keep the spirit of the Remake.
The title is of course inspired by Shinra building the “Floating Pizza” higher society city above the homes of the lower society people’s houses, stealing the sky from them.
And in these difficult times, even if you feel like your “sky” has been stolen from you, I hope that like the characters of the game, you’ll find a way to smile and get it back.

You can download this album by clicking on this picture:

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This album features 23 re-arrangements/remixes from tracks that you can hear in the Midgar area in the original FFVII game + the Remake main theme “Hollow”.

This album involved more than 30 musicians and is the 1st of a compilation of albums that will more or less follow the the releases of the next parts of the Remake, also including the original tracks.

You can also listen fully to it on Youtube:

You can also vote for your favourite songs of album!

And a huge THANK YOU to every one of you who listened and/or downloaded this album 😀

– Project Director: Hashel
Artworks: Mind Waker
– Album Mastering: Thebitterroost