Secret of Mana – Whispers from a Verdant Grove [Mini-Tribute Album]

It’s been a while since our last Mini-Album, but it’s time to release a new one!
And for that we decided to make a tribute to the iconic OST of Secret of Mana, that was remade (for the best and worst).
And so “Whispers from a Verdant Grove” was born!

You can download our album for free by clicking on this picture =>
Or directly with this link:

This Mini-Album features 14 songs from the soundtrack composed by Hiroki Hikuta for SquareSoft in 1993.
25 musicians worked on those rearrangements, the length of the album is a bit more than 49 minutes.

This is, I think, one of our most cohesive album since Huntress (our Metroid 2D Games Album), music style speaking, with a lot of acoustic instruments, like woodwinds or acoustic guitars, for the majority of the songs. And then a kind of old-school prog/fusion-ish feeling for the others.
Even if the few songs with a different style there is always a little something that feels like the songs go well together!

If you want a taste of our album before downloading, here is a trailer:

You can vote for your favourite tracks with this poll:

And a huge THANK YOU to every one of you who downloaded this album 😀

Project Director: Hashel
Artwork: Mind Waker
Album Mastering: Dacian Grada

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I hope you’ll like “Whispers from a Verdant Grove

Stay tuned for our next projects:
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Pixel Mixers October Cover Contest Results

A new contest ended, in October the theme was “Note Limitation“.
The goal was to put people in a situation when they were forced to only have 3 notes going on at the same time (+ percussions) to see how creative they can get.

We got 8 participants, but the 2 leaders of the 2017 Championship (Hashel 140pts & Subversiveasset 139pts) skipped that one.

With only 2 months left we’ll soon know who will be the 2017 Pixel Mixers Cover Champion…
But if November will be a normal contest (the theme is “Real Time Strategy Games“, you can participate here: there is going to have a special contest in December that will give A LOT of points, so everything is still open for the final victory!

Here is the championship so far:

And now the results from October Contest!

  • Audio 1st place: Team Friesen
  • Audio 2nd place: Orchestral Fantasy
  • Audio 3rd place: Psycosulu
  • Video 1st place: StyrofoamShotgun
  • Video 2nd place: Danilo Ciaffi
  • Video 3rd place: Psycosulu

Thanks a lot and congratulations to all the participants, and see you next month!