May’s Top 5 Up-Voted Covers

Here are the top 5 covers which received the most upvotes on the VGCover/subreddit during May 2019

  • 1st) Ro Panuganti – DuckTales – The Moon (Prog-Metal Cover)







  • 2nd) Kain White – Animal Crossing: Wild World  – 1AM (Acoustic Cover)





  • 3rd) RichGC – Super Mario Land – Muda Kingdom (Acoustic Cover)




  • 4th) Tremendouz  – Guild Wars 2 – Fear Not This Night (Metal Cover)






  • 5th) BearKeys – Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Meta Knight’s Revenge (Piano Cover)


Thanks for voting for your favourite covers in May and hopefully we’ll see plenty of new people in next month’s top 5. Be sure to check out all of the artists on the list and to browse the subreddit for new artists