September’s Top 5 Up-Voted Covers

Here are the top 5 most upvoted covers on our VGCover /subreddit during September 2018.
We’ve got a lot of newer artists in this month’s top 5 so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.
Remember to upvote the covers that you’ve enjoyed on the subreddit so we can see even more new people next month 

  • 1st) subversiveasset – SimCity 2000 Music Suite


  • 2nd) Mohmega – Break the Targets from Super Smash Bros. Melee


  • 3rd) Earth Kid – Where We Used to Be – Main Theme Harp Cover from Xenoblade Chronicles 2


  • 4th) Justin Thornburgh – Wind Scene Rhodes Cover from Chrono Trigger


  • 5th) Kalu4ii Plays – Vampire Killer – Heart of Fire Metal Cover from Castlevania
    This song is also on Scarlet Night Pixel Mixers Castlevania Tribute Album 


See you next month for the best of October and best of luck everybody that submits songs!
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Castlevania (1986 – 1996) – Scarlet Night [Tribute Album]

Time flies, and we are already celebrating our 20th VGM Tribute Album!
And for that we needed to cover one of the most famous and beloved franchise: Castlevania!
For this album we decided to “only” cover songs from the games released between 1986 and 1996 to give ourselves the opportunity of making a 2nd Castlevania album in the future with the other games.
But for now, here is our Castlevania Tribute album: Scarlet Night

You can download our album for free by clicking on this picture =>

Or directly with this link:

This album features 29 songs out of 11 games from the Castlevania franchise.
We gathered 41 musicians and the total length of the album is 88 minutes!

This might be our darkest and heaviest album so far, mostly due to the nature of the original product! But do not expect only metal, there are funk rock, electronic music, baroque and even some fusion-ish jazz tracks!

If you want a taste of our album before downloading, here is a trailer:

You can vote for your favourite tracks with this poll:

Project Director: Hashel
Artwork: OzoneOne & Mind Waker &
Album Mastering: Ro Panuganti

Cool Links:

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Our 20 free VGM Tribute Albums:

Hope you’ll enjoy Scarlet Night!

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