Pokémon Gold & Silver: Catch This! Vol. 2, Goldenrod FM [Tribute Album]

Hello everyone! We’re excited to present our first album of 2021! To follow up our first Pokemon Album, “Catch This!”, we present to you “Catch This! Vol. 2: Goldenrod FM”, our tribute to the second generation of Pokemon games! There are over 30 tracks made by our very talented artists for nearly 2 HOURS of music to enjoy! 

You can download this album for FREE by clicking on this picture =>

Or directly with this link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l09kjs1o6nbbnij/Pixel+Mixers+-+Catch+This!+Vol.+2+Goldenrod+FM.zip/file

You can also watch and listen to the album on YouTube!

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– Album Organizer: Erika Richards https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5OXRSNKMs9eu7TbedtJyew
Artwork: 2 Players for Life https://www.instagram.com/2playersforlife/
Mastering: Erika Richards

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Pixel Mixers Albums in 2016

If you missed our previous albums, here is a post to discover them… all!
Simply click on the cover arts to open a download link.

Seas of Time
The 1st album ever released by the Pixel Mixers community is a 4 disc album covering the full OST of the Playstation classic: Final Fantasy VIII and it’s unforgettable soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu.

Full Album Streaming:


Songs from a Nightmare
For our 2nd album we decided to make a tribute to the horror genre. Not only the usual survival-horror games such as silent Hill, Resident Evil or Dino Crisis but also games like Castlevania, Medievil, Parasite Eve and many more.
Full album streaming:


The desperately too short Chrono series remains today one of the most beloved J-RPG series of all time. We decided to make a tribute to Chrono Trigger and Cross with this album and to salute the genius composer Yasunori Mitsuda.


Disc 1 streaming

Disc 2 streaming

Disc 3 streaming


The Great Tale of the Little Ones
Indie games have been more and more successful last years with hits like Super Meat Boy, the binding of Isaac and more recently Undertale. If those independent games can offer new ideas and concept, gameplay and/or story wise, they are also an amazing playground for composers and naturally for us, cover artists.


Disc 1 streaming

Disc 2 streaming

Disc 3 streaming

Catch This!
That’s crazy how time flies, isn’t it?
Yes, that game we all played, the 1st generation of Pokemon turned 20 years old in 2016. It’s the good occasion to take a huge load of nostalgia thanks to Junichi Masuda’s music revisited by our community.


Full album streaming