March’s Top 5 Up-Voted Covers

Here are the top 5 most upvoted covers on our VGCover /subreddit during March 2018.
We’ve trying to push for more diversity in the artists who appear on these lists so please try to remember to upvote the covers that you’ve enjoyed on the subreddit. 

  • 1st) Ryan Lafford – Celestials Theme Synthwave Cover from Okami









  • 2nd) Contraband Reloaded – Title Theme/Brinstar Cover from Metroid










  • 3rd) PeyCa – Schala’s Theme from Chrono Trigger







  • 4th) PeriPheric – Fear Factory Metal Cover from Donkey Kong Country





  • 5th) Kade Kalka – Aquatic Ambience Prog Rock Cover from Donkey Kong Country



See you next month for the best of April and best of luck everybody that submits songs!
Please make sure to upvote your favourite covers on the subreddit so that we can feature plenty of new artists each month!



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