Ecco the Dolphin – Timeless Ocean [Tribute Album]

Pixel Mixers community is proud to present “Ecco the Dolphin – Timeless Ocean“, a tribute about to the music from the 4 Ecco games (Ecco the Dolphin, Two Tides, Ecco Jr, Defender of the Future).

You can download the full album (28 tracks) for free by clicking on this picture =>

Timeless Ocean Wallpaper

Or directly with this link:

This album features 28 tracks by 30 musicians from the Pixel Mixers community.
Clocking in at almost 2 hours long, this is possibly the most coherent work we have ever done, both in terms of quality and musical style!
With the original music containing such a strong identity, people really went for that specific Ecco vibe with lot of synth, chill and surprising arrangements!

And guess what? You can listen to it directly on Youtube!


You can also vote for your favourite songs of album!

And a huge THANK YOU to every one one of you who downloaded this album 😀

– Project Director: Hashel…
– Artworks: OzoneOne
– Album Mastering: Dacian Grada…
– Video Animation: NyxTheShield…

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